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We are a digital graphic design  & web development agency with a focus on delivering reliable & affordable  solutions for your small business.

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We can help your business STAND OUT from the crowd.
Stand out from your competitors and watch your business grow...
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TODAY'S GOOD NEWS: Our design price is not always fixed as it depends on the amount of work involved in the project. Not every project requires the same features so we don't offer flat costs for basic, better, & best.  We do our best to offer a lower cost approach to the customization of each and every project. If you don't need it, you don't pay for it.

Graphic Design & Branding materials are the first thing people notice about your business. Make sure it gives them a good impression.

Branding is more than grabbing the  cheapest logo and slapping it on  business cards - it is your company's  entire persona. The image you portray  and the words you use, and the  experience your customers have all  work together to create your brand.  Too many small businesses overlook  creating a cohesive brand as an integral  part of achieving their goals.

We will help you find your fit in the  marketplace, and work with you to  develop a brand that is genuine,  unique, and effective.

If your site isn't up you don't exist. Let us handle the heavy lifting & be your 'tech guy' for a much less cost than someone on your staff.

We help you with reliable hosting, domain names, & more resources for your business. We also offer montly maintenance of your site for a small fee.
We are your secret weapon to success!

The old saying 'you never get a second chance to make a first impression' is true. You get what you pay for.

Make sure your brochures & cards are as good as your reputation. Business cards, brochures, social media graphics, advertising, banners & more.  Put your best products & ideas in front of your customers.

Your website is one of the most important steps to tell the world that your business exists!

Both the internet and how people use  it is changing. You no longer need to  ask whether you need a website. The  answer to that is a resounding "Yes!"  Instead, ask how your website can  reach more people and how it can  convert more leads.

We work alongside of our clients to  understand their needs as a business.

Your website could be the first and  only impression a potential customer  may have of your business-and it  needs to be good. Find out how CM Digital Media can create or improve your web presence today!
This page seems like a lot of words but really it is a breakdown of what we do. Not everything we do is listed here.

We keep pretty busy updating what we offer,  but  chances are if it is needed for creating an effective online prescence for your business or a snazzy flyer, banner, or logo, then yeah we can do that for you.
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